Introducing NET 4.0: with Visual Studio 2010

Is introducing a large number of changes to the way that the 
.NET Framework operates. Familiar technologies are being altered, best 
practices replaced, and developer methodologies adjusted. Many 
developers find it hard to keep up with the pace of change across .NET's 
ever-widening array of technologies. You may know what's happening in 
C#, but how about the Azure cloud? How is that going to affect your 
work? What are the limitations of the new pLINQ syntax? What you need is 
a roadmap. A guide to help you see the innovations that matter and to 
give you a head start on the opportunities available in the new 
framework.Introducing .NET 4.0: with Visual Studio 2010 is designed to 
provide you with just that roadmap. It serves as a no-nonsense primer 
that will help experienced .NET developers understand the impact of the 
new framework and its associated technologies.This book will keep you 
updated on the changes and help you to seize new opportunities 
confidently and quickly.What you'll learnGet an overview and brief 
history of each new or changing technology that puts it into 
contextFamiliarize yourself with key concepts and opportunities through 
highly accessible tutorialsUnderstand how to perform common tasks in new 
technology areas such as pLINQGain expert performance tipsSee examples 
of real-world applications of each technology to help you learn how a 
technology can be put to workWho is this book for?The book is aimed at 
.NET 3.5 developers who will be trying to get to grips with .NET 4.0 and 
the associated supporting technologies, such as ASP.NET MVC, pLINQ, 
etc., which will be changing the way they need to think about creating 

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