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1. Portable Adobe Acrobat Reader 8
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3. Portable Adobe Audition v3.0
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5. Portable Adobe Flash CS3
6. Portable Adobe GoLive CS3
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8. Portable Adobe InDesign CS3
9. Portable Adobe Lightroom 1.3
10.Portable Adobe Page Maker v7.01
11.Portable Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
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Dubai opens world's tallest tower

opening ceremony

Dubai has opened the world's tallest building as the emirate tries to re-establish some of the optimism it experienced prior to its financial crisis.

Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, on Monday inaugurated the tower - originally called Burj Dubai - as Burj Khalifa in honour of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, the president of the United Arab Emirates.
At a height of 828 metres, Burj Khalifa soars over its nearest rival - the Taipei 101 in Taiwan which rises to only 508 metres.
Dubai, one of seven members of the United Arab Emirates, has gained a reputation for excesses with the creation of man-made islands shaped like palms and an indoor ski slope in the desert.
But the emirate suffered a real estate crash at the end of 2008 when the global financial crisis hit.
Investor confidence was badly dented again in November when the emirate's largest conglomerate announced it planned to delay debt repayments.
Burj Khalifa's opening is seen as a positive start to the year and analysts believe Dubai's financial troubles have not hurt sales of the approximately 1,100 residential units in the "super-scraper".

Higher and higher
The Burj, which was developed by Emaar Properties, is believed to have cost $1.5bn and taken about 12,000 labourers to build.
"The message is very simple ... we build for tens of years to come," Mohamed Alabbar, the chairman of Dubai's Emaar properties, said.

"Crises come and go and the world has gone through two years of difficult times," he said. "I hope that this is the beginning of a gradual move forward."
Bill Baker, the building's structural engineer, said Emaar kept pushing the design of the the tapering metal-and-glass spire higher.
"We weren't sure how high we could go," Baker, who works for Chicago-based architecture and engineering firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, said.
"It was kind of an exploration ... a learning experience."

However, the building has come in for criticism over the treatment of labourers during its construction, its environmental impact and the signals it sends in a time of financial crisis.

"Nobody knows where the planning hubris of the sheikhs will lead," Christian Baumgart, the president of Germany's architect's association, said.

"One thing is sure though: what has become a glass and ferroconcrete desert hardly represents a sustainable contribution to building practices around the world."

Real estate bubble
At their peak, some apartments in the Burj were selling for more than $1,900 per square foot, though they now can go for less than half that, according to Heather Wipperman Amiji, chief executive of Dubai real estate consultancy Investment Boutique.

Al Jazeera's Dan Nolan, reporting from Dubai, said that about 95 per cent of the real estate in the tower was sold three years ago.

"That was at the top of the market and the real estate bubble has well and truly burst since then, so as for how many people will actually move in no one really knows," he said.
"Obviously most of those people were speculators who were never planning to move in."
Besides luxury apartments and offices, the Burj will be home to a hotel designed by Giorgio Armani.
The Burj is the centrepiece of a more than two kilometres squared development that officials hope will become a new central residential and commercial district.
It is flanked by dozens of smaller but brand-new skyscrapers and the Middle East's largest shopping mall.

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"Deadliest Warrior" (2009) TV series Season 1

Genre: Action
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: USA:42 min
Cast (first 10)Geoff DesmoulinArmand DorianMax Geiger


Episode 1: Apache vs. Gladiator 
The debut episode, “Gladiator vs. Apache,” features the crowd-pleasing killer of ancient Rome going up against the fierce, unyielding scalp-picking Native American  warrior. Modern day gladiator, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, makes a special appearance in this episode to test the gladiator’s lethal weapons using his legendary striking abilities.

Episode 2: Viking vs. Samurai 
The savage Scandinavian raider that plundered Europe for three hundred years, against the blinding speed and skill of Japan's elite warrior class. It's power versus speed, axe against sword, berserk rage against precision, as these heavily armored legends face off in a battle to the death.

Episode 3: Spartan vs. Ninja
Spartan, the bronze battle tank celebrated in the movie 300; versus a Ninja, Japan's legendary master of death. The battle pits the ancient world's most extreme warrior against an enemy who obeys no rules, and kills using stealth, poison, surprise weapons and unbelievable agility.

Episode 4: Pirate vs. Knight
A Pirate - the merciless high seas marauder; versus a Knight - the armored battle tank that crushed infidels underfoot. It's an explosive, bloody battle between two fighters who hate everything the other stands for - pistols versus crossbow, gunpowder against armor, and cutlass versus a spiked ball of death.

Episode 5: Yakuza vs. Mafia
Mafia - the deadly crime family that rule New York's 1920's underworld, versus Yakuza - feared gang lords that dominate the mean streets of 1940's Tokyo. Their bloody turf war to decide who is deadliest will be settled with machine guns, sawed off shotguns, pistols, bats, nunchukus and icepicks.

Episode 6: Green Beret vs. Spetznaz
Green Beret - America's elite special force, versus Spetznaz - Russia's top-secret, top-notch commandos. Trained to kill anyone, any when, anywhere - these super soldiers use a devastating array of weapons and tactics. It's the best of the west against the beast from the east in a post cold war showdown.

Episode 7: Maori Warrior vs. Shaolin Monk
One fights for perfection; the other to honor his ancestors. A Shaolin Monk - the ultimate pacifist killing machine from China versus a Maori - fierce, bone-crushing warrior from New Zea land. Steel whips, metal spikes and wickedly versatile hooks versus wood, shark teeth, stingray spines and stone. The hardest weapon on the battlefield is not made of steel.

Episode 8: William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu
Both fight for revenge. Both built an army to spill the blood of their enemies. Deadliest Warrior gets personal with a battle between two of the greatest warrior-generals that ever lived. William Wallace - claymore wielding wild man from Scotland versus Shaka Zulu whose ferocity, speed and toughness became legend.

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