40 Best Windows 7 Theme Collection | 241 Mb

40 Best Windows 7 Theme Collection | 241 Mb

A complete Collection of latest and best Windows 7 Themes till now. Some themes are uploaded earlier but seems to be deleted so i Included those in these pack for You.
This collection includes-
1.Dark 7 Mix Theme(My Favourite)
2.Colorful Theme
3.Embed Final Theme
4.Longhorn Air7 Beta
5.Harmony 7 Blue Alpha Theme
6.Gaia09 Visual Style
7.Windows 7 Prototype Bita2
8.Xero Theme
9.Soft7 Theme
10.Capriccio Theme
11.Windows 8 Theme
12.Longhorn Multitheme
13.OneWorld Theme
14.Leopard OS 10 Theme
15.4 Michael Jackson Theme
16.14 WIndows 7 Themepack
17.Aero Big Theme
18.Aero Diamond for Windows 7(64bit)
19.Aero Hilled Theme
20.Windows Nostalgia Theme
21.Only Black Windows 7
22.MAx Clear Live Black Theme
23.Windows 7 Red Theme
24.SiCo Theme
25.Windows 7 Blue Theme
26.Windows XP Theme

Each Theme File individually contains instruction file with the name of original creator.Just follow that.Each file are working perfectly (Tested ).

Download Links:

Assassins Creed Bloodlines JPN PSP

Assassins Creed Bloodlines JPN PSP | 244 MB

Assassins Creed Bloodlines has the player follow Altair's story right after the events of Assassin's Creed as he discovers a new land and hunts down the ascending Templars. As the Templars withdraw from the Holy Land after Altair kills Robert De Sable, the Assassin follows them to the island of Cyprus.

Finding new allies and enemies, Altair helps the local resistance against the Templar occupation and strikes down the ascendant Templar commanders. Continue Altair's story and find the missing link between Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 2. You can free-run and climb anywhere - a real technology breakthrough and a first on PSP - and you can connect with PS3 to unlock exclusive material on each console.

Homepage:- UBisoft

RELEASE Information:
Title: Assassin's Creed - Bloodlines
Country: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Release Date: 2009/12/23
System: PlayStation
Portable Format: iso
Filename: b-asciijpsp
Disc Serial: ULJM-05571


Bitter weather continues in Europe

Severe cold weather conditions across Europe are continuing to disrupt travel plans for thousands of people over the Christmas holiday season, with snow and ice forcing air, rail and road closures.
Easyjet cancelled 180 flights on Tuesday, while Ryanair and British Airways warned of delays and cancellations due to heavy snow and freezing temperatures.

Eurostar resumed a partial rail service between Britain and France, after a three-day suspension stranded hundreds of passengers and cancelled the journeys of around 50,000 people.

Weather forecasters are expecting snow to continue falling in the UK, northern France and the Netherlands.
Winter storms across the continent have led to at least 90 deaths in recent days, including 42 mostly homeless people in Poland, where temperatures have plunged to minus 20 degrees Celsius.
Long queues
The travel chaos began on Friday and Saturday when five Eurostar trains broke down, trapping more than 2,000 passengers inside.

Rory Challands, Al Jazeera's correspondent at the Eurostar terminal in London's Kings Cross station, said queues for the resumed service on Tuesday were "stretching around the lounges" and appeared to be growing longer.
"Those travelling on Eurostar today are not people with tickets to travel today but those who were supposed to be travelling on Saturday and Sunday."
Ian Nunn, a senior Eurostar executive, told Al Jazeera: "People are bearing with us. We are doing our level best to deal with the backlog.
"We are asking people to only turn up if they have tickets for Saturday or Sunday. The priority is to deal with passengers who are stranded and have been so for two or three days.
"[To our passengers] we say sorry. We are refunding tickets and trying to be practical."
'Big inconvenience'
Warsaw, Poland's capital, has suffered temperatures of -15C below average, while Russia has also been feeling its heaviest snow of the season.
Temperatures are expected to rise on Thursday, with westerly wind chills dropping and central European temperatures increasing by 5 or 6C.
Some airports, including Frankfurt, are beginning to allow aircraft to take off, but flight disruptions are expected to continue.
Flights have been cancelled in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal  and Spain and main highways were blocked across Europe where some regions had more than 50cm of snow.
Al Jazeera's Challands said the weather "is not looking to get any better any time soon".
"Mostly people are trying to get back for Christmas to see their families, so it is a big inconveniece for them."
The French government has said that it will investigate the breakdown of Eurostar trains, which they believe may be due to more than the unusually dry snow sucked into train engines the firm has blamed.
 Source:Al Jazeera and agencies

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AdSense Money Formula

A lot of people would like to know the success AdSense money formula. The simple formula below is one fundamental formula that you should know.
Money = sum ( [Price Per Click] X [Number of Click] )
Logically speaking, if you want to make more money, you have to either increase the number of clicks or the price per click. If you do one or the other you can make more money from the program.
Make More AdSense Money By Boosting the Number Of Click
Increase the number of clicks on your ads is the most obvious strategy that will make more money for you. There are two ways you can boost the number of click:
  1. Getting more traffic for your web site,
  2. Make your ads more clickable and position them at the right place.
Getting traffic takes time and efforts. It‘s also a lot of hard work. There are several techniques that you can use to generate more traffic to your web site and hence make more AdSense money. These techniques are:
  • Submit your web site to search engine and optimize your web site for search engine.
  • Increase link popularity by link exchange, article marketing, directory submission and press release.
  • Paid Advertising through classified advertising, banner advertising or search engine advertising.
  • Participate in forums/groups related to the content of your web site.
  • Add comments to other blogs.
Making your ads more clickable is another way to increase your earnings. It is relatively easy to do because you can adjust your ad format almost immediately. You can do the following adjustments to your ad format to improve your click through rate (CTR):
  • Make them more noticeable by positioning your AdSense ads on top of your AdSense page.
  • Google states that the most effective ad formats are 336×280 larger rectangle, the 300×250 inline rectangle, and the 160×600 wide skyscraper. However you should choose the best ad format that works for your web site. This requires tracking and testing.
  • Create a custom palette that best suites your web site. In general, you can follow the following settings:
    • Border color : no border or background color of your website
    • Background color : background color of your website
    • Link color : color of your links
    • URL color : black
    • Text color : black or color of your main content
Make More AdSense Money by Targeting the Higher-Paying Keywords
You can create unique, relevant and quality contents that target at the higher-paying keywords to increase your average price per click (CPC). Higher CPC means that you can make more money even the CTR remains unchanged. You should find out which keyword variations for a topic pay more. Often the more specialized variations and phrases pay more than the generic terms.
You can increase your CPC by reducing the occurrence of lower-paying ads. You can use AdSense competitive filter mechanism to filter out the ads that you don’t want to be shown on your web site. It is suggested by others that showing fewer ads on a page will result in higher-paying ads displayed on your web site. A lot of publishers report that they make more Adsense money if they remove ads completely from pages with few or no clicks. Again you have to test whether this strategy works in favor of you or not.
As you can see, it involves a lot of hard work if you want to make extra Google AdSense money. You need to put in your time and effort to make it happen.

PC Magazine - December 2009

PC Magazine - December 2009
English | Pages: 79 | Scan & PDF: Antfer | PDF | 9.2 mb

* Best of the year: Desktops, laptops, phones,
printers, cameras, audio devices, projectors,
networking, software, security software.

* The top 58 products of 2009.

* Should your business upgrade to Windows 7?

* Powermat wireless charge mat.

* How to turn your iTouch into an iPhone.


2012 (2009) R5rip [720x304] 500mb

Movie Info


    [TITLE]…………………….[ 2012 ]
    [DIRECTOR]………………….[ Roland Emmerich ]
    [RELEASE DATE]………………[ 13 November 2009 (USA) ]
    [FORMAT]:…………………..[ Matroska (MKV) ]
    [GENRE]:……………………[ Action | Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller ]
    [NO OF CDs]…………………[ 1 ]
    [FILE SIZE]:………………..[ 525MB ]
    [RESOLUTION]:……………….[ 720x304 ]
    [LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English ]
    [SUBTITLES]:………………..[ Yes | English | Separate SRT File ]
    [ORIGINAL RUNTIME]:………….[ 02:31:23 ]
    [RELEASE RUNTIME]:…………..[ 02:31:23 ]
    [SOURCE]:…………………..[ 2012 (2009) R5 DVDRip XviD-MAX ]
    [iMDB RATING]:………………[ 6.3/10 ]



Facebook chat V2.0 Another Facebook scam?

 An application named New facebook chat v2.0 has been urging users to activate the new facebook chat with new features like video chat, font colors, animations, group chat and faster speed. After few steps it asks users to click on an ad to complete the activation. After you click on activation, following screen appears: 

It seems to be a scam due to following:

1) Not developed by facebook.
2) In final step, it asks users to click on an advertisement to complete the activation.
2) Users reporting that no such feature are available.
3) It sends unnecessary notifications.

Beware of this.It may be a phising scam trying to access andstore your profile information or trying to harm your computer. Its urging users to click on ads. So, just ignore this application. Report this application to facebook.

Dont forget to pass this message to your friends... :):)

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Hopes rise for climate deal

The UN has expressed optimism over international talks on climate change that have opened in Denmark, billing it as a "turning point" in a bid to slow down global warming.
Yvo de Boer, the head of the UN framework convention on climate change, said he was confident the summit in Copenhagen, the Danish capital, would be a success.
"Copenhagen is already a turning point in the international response to climate change," he said.
The high-stakes talks are aimed at agreeing a deal for measures to help curb greenhouse gas emissions and the transfer of hundreds of billions of dollars from rich to poor countries to help developing nations adapt to climate change over the coming years.
Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Copenhagen, said: "To get a 192 countries all pointing in the same direction, all with the same goal, it is, to use one phrase, 'like herding cats,' it's very difficult.
"But if you look around you can see why we need to do this, in Africa there is drought, there are people starving, and in one area, the Arctic Circle, we've seen temperatures rise there faster than anywhere else.
"In fact, they're talking about a rise in sea levels of somewhere between 5-7cm over the next 20 to 30 years."

Deep distrust

A major challenge facing the two-week conference, which ends with a meeting of 105 world leaders on December 18, is to overcome deep distrust between rich and poor nations about sharing out the burden of costly curbs on emissions.
But the planned attendance of heads of state and pledges to curb emissions by all the top emitters – led by China, the US, Russia and India – have raised hopes for an accord after sluggish negotiations in the past two years.
Lars Lokke Rasmussen, the Danish prime minister, and Rajendra Pachauri, head of the UN's climate expert panel, are among the speakers at Monday's opening session.

Manmohan Singh, the Indian prime minister whose country is the world's fourth-largest greenhouse gas emitter, announced on Saturday that he would attend the closing summit, joining 104 other leaders, including Barack Obama, the US president.
World leaders did not attend the last time the world's environment ministers agreed on the existing UN climate pact, known as the Kyoto Protocol, in 1997.
Copenhagen is the biggest climate change meeting in history, with 15,000 participants from more than 190 nations.

New money needed

De Boer said developing nations need to take new action to slow the rise of their emissions.
He also wants rich nations to accept deep cuts to their emissions by 2020 and come up with at least $10bn a year in aid to the poor countries to kick off a deal, saying it has to be "new money, real and significant".
On Sunday he tried to allay criticism among climate change sceptics after emails from climate scientists that appeared to cast doubt on their research were recently leaked to the public.
De Boer acknowledged the emails did serious damage, but said the review process by some 2,500 scientists of climate change research was thorough and credible.
China, India, Brazil and South Africa earlier rejected a Danish suggestion to set a goal of halving world emissions by 2050, saying rich nations which have burnt fossil fuels since the industrial revolution must first cut their own emissions.
But South Africa added new impetus on Sunday, saying it was willing to cut its carbon emissions to 34 per cent below expected levels by 2020, provided that rich countries furnish financial and technological help.


The climate talks have sparked protests in many European cities, adding to the pressure world leaders are under to reduce rising emissions that the UN says will cause desertification, mudslides, more powerful cyclones, rising sea levels and the extinction of species.
The existing Kyoto pact obliges industrialised nations to cut emissions until 2012, and the idea behind the Copenhagen talks is to get action from all major emitters, including China and India, which were exempt from the Kyoto agreement.
The meeting will test how far developing nations will stick to entrenched positions, for example that rich nations must cut their greenhouse gases by at least 40 per cent by 2020 – far deeper than targets on offer.
On Monday some 56 newspapers from 45 countries published a joint editorial urging rich and poor nations to unite in Copenhagen.
"At the deal's heart must be a settlement between the rich world and the developing world," it said.
"Social justice demands that the industrialised world digs deep into its pockets. Many of us, particularly in the developed world, will have to change our lifestyles."

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Windows 7 Drivers x32 / x64 Updated Nov 28 2009

Package of all the working drivers for the operating system Windows Seven x86/ x64 bits. All these drivers are for Vista and for the operating system Windows 7 as the operating system are very similar. But in the pack includes the drivers only with the official support of the operating system Windows Seven. Build 29.10.2009.

After installing Windows 7, you may need to download the latest Windows 7 drivers for some of the hardware in your PC. Since Windows 7 is a new operating system, manufacturers are now releasing Windows 7 drivers for their products. Updating to the latest Windows 7 drivers may help keep your PC running at its best. List of drivers are detailed on the next page.

These are a collection of drivers for the operating system Windows 7 x32/ x64 with the latest updates.

List of drivers:

Audio (Audio)
* Analog Devices SoundMAX HD Audio W!ndows 7 Driver
* Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.35 x32/x64
* Realtek AC97 Audio Driver PG537 x32/x64
* Realtek HDMI Audio Driver R2.35 x32/x64
* C-Media CM106 x32/x64
* C-Media CM6501 x32/x64
* C-Media CM8738 x32/x64
* C-Media CM8768 x32/x64
* C-Media CM8770 x32/x64
* C-Media CM8787 x32/x64
* C-Media CM8788 x32/x64
* Conexant Hermosa HD Audio W!ndows 7 Driver v.4.98.9 x32/x64
* VIA HD Audio Codec (VT1708B, VIA HD Audio Codec VT1702S, VIA HD Audio Codec VT1708S) v.7.30a x32/x64

Video (Video)
* AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.10 Desktop WHQL x32
* AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.10 Desktop WHQL x64
* AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.9 Notebook WHQL x32
* AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.9 Notebook WHQL x64
* Intel Graphics Driver (G41; G43; G45; Q43; Q45; GL40; GS40; GM45; GS45) v.15.15.6-x32/x64
* Intel Graphics Driver (945G, 945GZ, 946GZ, G965, Q965, Q963, G33, G35, Q33, Q35, G31, 945GC, 945GM, 945GME, 945GMS, 940GML, GM965, GME965, GLE960,) v.15.12.75 x32/x64
* Nvidia 191.07 Desktop WHQL x32
* Nvidia 191.07 Desktop WHQL x64
* Nvidia 186.81 Notebook WHQL x32
* Nvidia 186.81 Notebook WHQL x64
* SiS UniVGA Graphics Driver (SiSM672MX, SiSM672, SiS672, SiS672FX, SiSM671MX, SiSM671, SiS671, SiS671FX) v.5.23 x32/x64
* VIA CN896 VIA Chrome9 , P4M900 VIA Chrome9 , VN896 VIA Chrome9 HC v.24.10.04p x32/x64
* VIA VX800 VIA Chrome9 HC, VX820/UT VIA Chrome9 HC v.24.10.04k x32/x64
* VIA VX855 VIA Chrome9 HCM, VX875 VIA Chrome9 HCM v.24.10.04j x32/x64

Chipset (Chipset)
* AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.11 WHQL x32
* AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.11 WHQL x64
* Intel Chipset Driver x32/x64
* NVIDIA nForce W!ndows 7 Driver v.15.49 x32
* NVIDIA nForce W!ndows 7 Driver v.15.49 x64
* VIA Hyperion Chipset Driver 5.24a x32/x64

LAN (Network)
* Atheros (AR8121/AR8113/AR8114/AR8131/AR8132) x32/x64
* Atheros (L1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T Controller) x32/x64
* Broadcom BCM57xx Ethernet Driver v. x32/x64
* Intel PRO/10/1000 (PRO/10GbE) Ethernet Driver v.14.6 x32/x64
* JMicron JMC25x/JMC26x Driver v. x32/x64
* Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Driver v. x32/x64
* Realtek Ethernet W!ndows 7 Driver v.7.006.1019 x32/x64
* VIA (VT8251 Integrated, VT8231, VT8233, VT8235 and VT8237 Integrated (Rhine and Rhine II), VT6103 Rhine (PHY), VT6105/ L/ LOM and VT6106/ H/ L/ S series (Rhine III), VT6105M Management Fast Ethernet Controller (Rhine III), VT6115 Fast Ethernet Controller (Rhine III), VT6107 Fast Ethernet Controller (Rhine and Rhine II)) x32/x64

Card Reader (Card Reader)
* Alcor Micro Card Reader Driver v.1.15.54 x32/x64
* JMicron JMB38x Driver v. x32/x64
* O2Micro Memory Stick Reader Driver (OZ6933, OZ711E0, OZ711EC1, OZ711E1, OZ711E2, OZ711M1, OZ711M2, OZ711M3) V3.00.0006 x32/x64
* Realtek (RTS 5121,5101,5111,5116,5158,5159) x32/x64
* Ricoh R5C83x/84x Driver v. x32/x64

Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN)
* Atheros AR50XX Wireless W!ndows 7 Driver v. x32/x64
* Broadcom Wireless BCM43xx W!ndows 7 Driver v. x32/x64
* Intel Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver v. x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8180 x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8185 x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8187L x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8187B x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8187S x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8190 x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8191SE x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8192E x32/x64
* Realtek Wi-Fi W!ndows 7 Driver RTL8192SE x32/x64

28.11.2009 Replaced:
* AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.10 WHQL x32/x64 for AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.11 WHQL -x32/x64
* Analog Devices SoundMAX HD Audio W!ndows 7 Driver x32/x64 for
* SiS UniVGA Graphics Driver (SiSM672MX, SiSM672, SiS672, SiS672FX, SiSM671MX, SiSM671, SiS671, SiS671FX) v.5.22 x32/x64 in v.5.23

Year: 2009
Platform: Windows 7 x32/x64
Language: English, Russian




Iran releases British sailors

Iran has released five British sailors detained in the Gulf after their yacht reportedly strayed into Iranian waters.

The official IRNA news agency said on Wednesday that the yachtsmen were released after an interrogation by Iranian authorities found "that their illegal entry was a mistake".
In London, the foreign ministry said: "The Iranian ministry of foreign affairs have confirmed that the five yachtsmen have been released.
"We understand that they are being towed to international waters and will be met by a representative from the sailing company."
Iran had warned on Tuesday the sailors would be prosecuted if it was proven they had "bad intentions".
However, Britain said it was an innocent case of a vessel accidentally going astray into the Gulf.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards, whose naval forces patrol Gulf waters, said the men had been interrogated and "after investigation, it became evident that their illegal entry was a mistake."
"So they were freed after taking the needed written commitments."
Noaman al-Hassan, general secretary of the Bahrain Maritime Sailing Association in Manama, the Bahraini capital, told the AFP news agency on Wednesday that the boat would be towed to the Dubai International Marine Club.

Damaged propeller

The detentions, announced by Britain on Monday, came after The Kingdom of Bahrain yacht veered into Iranian waters while travelling from Bahrain to Dubai.
Britain had earlier called in Iran's ambassador to London on Tuesday to voice "increasing concern" over the detention of the five yachtsmen, as the sailors' boss said a mechanical problem had likely led to their being taken into custody.
Andrew Pindar, chairman of the Sail Bahrain team which owns the sailors' yacht, said it may have drifted into Iranian waters due to a damaged propeller.
"We received a call from the crew stating that they had been stopped by an Iranian navy vessel," he said in a statement.
"We understood that the crew believed they were in UAE waters, but due to a fault with the propeller, they may have inadvertently drifted into Iranian waters."
They were believed to have been intercepted near the Iranian-controlled island of Abu Musa, whose ownership is disputed by Iran and the United Arab Emirates.
The crew have been named as Oliver Smith, Oliver Young, Sam Usher, Luke Porter and David Bloomer, according to informed sources in London.

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