Facebook chat V2.0 Another Facebook scam?

 An application named New facebook chat v2.0 has been urging users to activate the new facebook chat with new features like video chat, font colors, animations, group chat and faster speed. After few steps it asks users to click on an ad to complete the activation. After you click on activation, following screen appears: 

It seems to be a scam due to following:

1) Not developed by facebook.
2) In final step, it asks users to click on an advertisement to complete the activation.
2) Users reporting that no such feature are available.
3) It sends unnecessary notifications.

Beware of this.It may be a phising scam trying to access andstore your profile information or trying to harm your computer. Its urging users to click on ads. So, just ignore this application. Report this application to facebook.

Dont forget to pass this message to your friends... :):)

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